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Rest assured that if your laptop encounters a malfunction, we have the expertise to address the issue. Our skilled technicians specialize in laptop repair, ensuring swift resolutions to your concerns. With over 14 years of industry experience, I-5 Computers Inc is well-versed in handling a multitude of laptop-related problems, making it our most frequent service request. Trust us to restore your laptop’s optimal functionality and get you back on track.

At i-5 Computers, our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently deliver exceptional results. We understand that surpassing expectations is crucial for our continued success. If your computer is experiencing sluggishness, we will optimize its performance for seamless operation. In the event of malware or virus infiltration, we will diligently eliminate the threat. Businesses in need of reliable Information Technology support can rely on our expertise. Whether your computer is exhibiting unusual sounds after years or mere days of use, our skilled technicians will swiftly diagnose and resolve the issue, restoring tranquility. Should your screen suffer damage, we offer prompt and professional replacement services. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance—simply reach out to us, and we will be there to lend a hand!

  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Laptop Power Jack Replacement
  • Laptop Cleaning Service
  • Laptop Fan Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If your laptop's keys are sticking or missing, we're here to assist. It's common due to spills during use. At I5 Computers Inc, we specialize in laptop and MacBook repairs. We aim for a smooth experience. Usually, we can fix it on the same day. If we need to replace the keyboard, we'll order parts quickly. Rest assured, we're committed to getting your keyboard working well. We know how important your laptop is for teaching, work, and more. For uninterrupted productivity, we offer laptop rentals while we repair yours. It's $25 per week, and this amount counts towards the repair cost. You get a temporary solution while your fee goes towards the fix.

Laptop Screen Repair

Our laptop screen repair service is renowned for its speed and efficiency. In most cases, we can replace a damaged screen on the same day, causing minimal disruption to your work. We offer both in-shop and on-site options. Within a 25-mile radius, including Battle Ground, Camas, Salmon Creek, and Mill Plain, we offer convenient callout repair services. If needed, we'll promptly order the screen to complete the repair. Alternatively, visit our shop for a same-day fix. We're also available for businesses, with flexible scheduling and 7-day availability. Contact us for suitable screen repair arrangements. We're proud of our laptop screen repair, backed by a "100% Guaranteed" assurance. Our skilled technicians ensure newly installed screens have a one-year guarantee, providing peace of mind. As a local Vancouver, WA business, visit us for any post-repair screen issues. We understand unique laptop requirements and will give you an estimated screen availability. Trust us for reliable and satisfactory laptop screen repairs.

Laptop Power Jack Replacement

Facing laptop battery problems? Our dependable power jack replacement service has you covered. We're dedicated to quick, cost-effective repairs. We're proud of our fair and competitive prices, regularly reviewed to stay below competitors. Most times, we'll replace your laptop's power jack in a day, reducing downtime. Contact us for swift assistance in getting your laptop running smoothly again.

Laptop Cleaning Service

Keep your laptop at peak performance with I-5 Computers' expert laptop cleaning service. Our skilled technicians offer a fast and seamless cleaning for all laptop models. Opt for our top-notch laptop fan cleaning to maintain your computer's health. If your laptop is over two years old and hasn't been cleaned, it's the right moment. Rely on our pros for a comprehensive cleaning that boosts laptop lifespan and efficiency.

Laptop Fan Replacement

If your laptop's fan isn't running, it's vital to act fast. Using your laptop without the fan can cause overheating, risking damage. Bring it to us for a quick assessment and needed repairs. Our experts will find and fix the issue, ensuring safe and optimal laptop performance. Prioritize your laptop's health – reach out to us today.

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