Having a brand new graphics card under your pc hood can make your gaming and your video editing task a lot easier. In fact, if you are looking for a seamless, smooth, and immersive gaming experience, then graphics cards are really the best way to go. GPU’s or graphics processing units are undoubtedly an essential part for every single people who are using a desktop computer. Overall they are responsible for creating better display output for your computer, allows you to watch HD multimedia contacts, and a lot more. Furthermore, they are also a key component for all creative professionals, allowing their computers to run tasks such as video editing, graphics design, 3d animation, etc. Here in this article, we have come up with all the important updates and graphics card news 2021. Read on to know more.

All About Graphics Card News 2021

Soaring High Prices And Drop-In Availability:

In case you have tried buying a new desktop in 2020 or in 2021, you might have noticed the insane rise in prices for GPUs and the widespread unavailability of new cards. Furthermore, almost all retailers and online sellers ranging from Amazon to Best Buy have almost no graphics card left in their stock. Again in reselling websites like eBay, prices for used graphics cards are a lot higher than their original retail price. This sudden hike in price has caused a lot of problems especially for the computer building enthusiast, gamers, and multimedia practitioners as their day-to-day running of pc lie on GPU units. This sudden shortage has also driven away several potential first-time computer builders from creating their very own system.

Shortage In The Global Chip Industry:

Mostly the market of computer graphics cards is dominated by two big chip manufacturers, AMD and Nvidia. These two big brands make up almost all dedicated GPUs found in most modern laptops and desktops. The key reason for the lack of supply of graphics cards is the ongoing global shortage of silicon chipsets. All computer chips, also known as semiconductors are usually made up of silicon. Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers like Samsung were forced to halt or slow down production. This sudden pause in production, also coupled with the rising demand for consumer durables made it difficult for the manufacturers to meet the actual market demand.

The Scalper Issue:

If you are looking for the graphics card news 2021, you should know that another big reason for the ongoing GPU crisis is market scalpers. These scalpers, usually buy items at close to the retail price and then resell them for higher margins on reselling websites like eBay. Nowadays modern-day scalpers have bots installed in their system that keeps a track of new stocks of GPUs and can complete a purchase even before a human can open the product page.

If you are looking for graphics card news 2021, here is an important update for you. Nvidia one of the largest GPU manufacturers has stated that the current GPU shortage is likely to continue throughout the entire year of 2021. As of the current day scenario, AMD and Nvidia have only got their production back to pre-pandemic levels and even though demand is at its all-time high. If you are planning to build a new pc, it might be worth hunting on the used market for a good deal, rather than buying a new one.

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